FruitPAC is the California Fresh Fruit Association’s Political Action Committee. The group primarily raises funds through three annual activities – the Harvest Event in the fall, the Annual Meeting Raffle in the spring and the positive check-off program, which allows League members to authorize up to eight percent of their membership dues for political expenditures.

Under the direction and leadership of the FruitPAC Board of Directors, all of the funds raised from these sources are used to make contributions to political candidates and incumbents at the state and federal levels. The current members of the FruitPAC Board of Directors are:


Kevin Herman

The Specialty Crop Company


Melissa Frank

Wonderful Orchards


Mike Bozick

R. Bagdasarian, Inc.

David Jackson

Family Tree Farms

Herbert Kaprielian

CRJ Farming Co. LP

Louis Pandol

Pandol Bros., Inc.

John D. Zaninovich

Merritt Farms

If you are interested in learning more about FruitPAC or would like to know how to get involved, please contact Adam Borchard, Director of Government & Public Policy at